Outré Press

2013 April

One week until Outré launches!

April 28, 2013 |

This coming Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, and also, most importantly, the launch date for our first Outré digital magazine! Here’s a taste for what’s to come.

Together with these fantastic stories and illustrations from our talented artists … Read More

Take a look at these…

April 17, 2013 | | 1 Comment

As we told you last week, this Wednesday we want to give a shoutout and the ol’ tip of the hat to some projects we think you’d be interested in.  Some of them are more prolific than others, but we believe all of them are worthy … Read More

Story preview: My Universe Expands Until I Have No Center

April 10, 2013 |

Another Wednesday, another story in the can. The page above is from Alex Wilson’s ambitious science fiction story “My Universe Expands Until I Have No Center”, about Mari and her journey from childhood to womanhood. Without spoiling anything, we can tell you … Read More

Story preview: Taras and the Monolith

April 3, 2013 |

Our four creative teams are working very hard these days, and the stories that are to be featured in our first issue are nearing completion. And since we’re more than eager to show you what we have in store for you … Read More