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September 18, 2013

Raptus and the growing comics scene in Norway

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Last weekend, the Raptus Comics Festival took place in Bergen. Having reached its 18th year. Raptus was truly fun, with lots of diverse guests and comics. From Norwegian Donald Duck writers to Gail Simone, from Howard Chaykin to Ida Eva Neverdahl, old stacks of European comics to the freshly printed Norwegian underground comics. It was a festival where knowledge was shared and friends were made. No amount of rain could quench the laughs we had.

There were many highlights, but one of the most unique ones was Kim Holm with Solstorm. Kim illustrating live on a huge canvas to the apocalyptic noise-metal of Solstorm.


Photo by Øystein Rasmussen

A violent narrative comes to life through the music and the brush.


Photo by Øystein Rasmussen


Photo by Øystein Rasmussen

An event that sent shivers down the attendees, and was talked about a lot after the last of the noise died. Kim’s work can be found here, and in Outré #1. And you can listen to Solstorm on Spotify.


Another great display of comic book creativity are the guys who make up the Ontonauts. The Ontonauts is a digital comics multiverse, where everything humans ever believed and believe does indeed exist. Part of the Creative Commons, the Ontonauts encourage writers, artists and creators and anyone who wants to tell stories to join them in building their universe. The comics are free and can be read on any device, laptop to tablet to phone. Pushing the digital comics reading experience to the max, while still keeping it to comics. No animation, no sounds. Pure digital comics. Join them as a reader, or as a creator! Find out more here.


A panel from ÜberViking

Another pleasant addition to the Norwegian comics scene is the small publisher ÜberPress. They’ve merely been in existence for about a year, but have already made a mark in Norway with their anthologies. Four books so far, and the next one already on the steps. They’re all in Norwegian, but hopefully in the future those of you who have a hard time with the Norse tongue can enjoy their Über-thologies as well.

Raptus didn’t just show us that it was a great festival – it also showed us that the Norwegian comic book scene is more vibrant than ever. So don’t be surprised if a Viking comes to your shores soon…



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