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January 14, 2015

More reviews for Outré #4: Silence

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Most of you reading this have probably downloaded Outré #4: Silence to your computer, tablet or phone multiple times now, and gone out of your way to recommend the issue to your friends, family and co-workers. As you do the latter, you may meet some resistance from one or two individuals. After all, we’re giving the anthology away for free, and that has to have something to do with the quality, right?


It’s in situations like these that the below links come in handy. Since we pimped the issue’s reception the last time, we have received three more reviews, the first coming from Jodi Scaife of Fanboy Comics. Jodi has written nice things about our earlier issues, and we were happy to see that Outré #4 wasn’t any exception.

I’m very much a words person, so reading Outré #4 was harder for me than it would be for a more visual individual; however, I was impressed with the challenge the creators took at telling a story without any dialogue to clarify the pictorial actions. Each creative team worked a little differently, but kudos for taking it on! I had to use my imagination to fill in the gaps, and I think that will give each reader a unique experience.


Patrick Smith at A Place to Hang Your Cape brings us another review, and urges readers to read the issue more than once:

Silence is an invigorating and stimulating read; each submission provokes and engages the imagination as one glides from panel-to-panel, conjuring voices, touching on all the senses, to add to each unfolding drama. This is an experience that’s certainly compounded in subsequent readings. […] Your time will be well spent if you make your way here and tune in to the sound of Silence.

The final review is written by Down the Tubes’ Antony Esmond. It’s the first time we’ve had an issue covered by this particular site, and it was nice to see Patrick Smith’s sentiments being echoed here as well:

The expertly handled sequential work in this book often had me pausing on panels and I have now re-read the whole book a number of times. […] As an experiment this was a huge success and I look forward to seeing what comes in Outre issue 5.

So there you have it; three positive reviews you can point to in the case you come across a snarky snob who’s allergic to great sequential art units. And if you’re still being met with the argument “free = low quality”,  you can always direct her or him to Comixology, where s/he can pay a dollar to experience our first issue in Guided View.

Stay creative!

Glenn & Magnus
Outré Press

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