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February 1, 2015

Insight and inspiration

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February is here and we’re working behind the curtain to set the stage for Outré #5. Before we show you the bits and bobs that’ll turn into our trippy Desire issue, we’d like to direct you to Jeremy Melloul‘s blog for some great insight and inspiration on how to approach creating comics in 2015.

If you read last week’s post you’ll know that I challenged breaking in, and added my voice to the continuing conversation about how the landscape of comics is shifting. The gatekeepers, who once had a more visible hold over the inroads to the industry, still exist, but if you don’t mind walking an alternative path you can make your way “in” without passing through the gates at all.

You’ll find all of Jeremy’s insightful articles over at his blog. Fire up the kettle and soak it all up.

If you crave even more specific number-crunching and method analysis, we highly recommend checking out the plethora of articles over at ComixTribe where Tyler James Vogel breaks it all down for you, from an indie publisher and indie creator’s point of view.


3,000 over-sized hardcovers didn’t seem like all that many when it was in your Kickstarter planning spreadsheet.  But when actually faced with the prospect of picking them up at the port of Boston that morning, coming face to face with 2 tons of comics that you needed to move all by your lonesome, you wondered what the hell you were thinking.

Before we leave you, also remember that you can direct all your friends over to Comixology where you’ll find Outré’s first issue Responsibility. Our other issues will soon follow, to please all you Guided View lovers. Until next time…

Stay creative!

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