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June 9, 2015

Outré #2 now on Comixology!

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Outré volume 2 can now be found on Comixology, the world’s largest digital comics platform.

Our anthology will always be available for free here on the Outré Press website, but buying it on Comixology will include a chance to read it with the smooth Guided View technology. (It is also DRM-free on Comixology and can be downloaded from their servers.)

If you decide to pick it up, we and the creators would really appreciate you rating it!

Later on all our volumes will be available on Comixology.

Outré Anthology Vol. 2: Hopelessness

Written by: Kevin Fong, Jonathan Clode
Art by: Jonas Larsen
Cover by: Sindre Foss Skancke
Art by: Sarah Jones, Shane Smith
Lettered by: Mick Schubert
Written by: Michael DeShane
Colored by: Shaun Dobie
Published by: Magnus Aspli
Edited by: Magnus Aspli
Art by: Laszlo Seber, Ruben Rojas, Allen Byrns
Written by: Brett Uren
Art by: Brett Uren
Colored by: Nic Shaw
Published by: Glenn Møane
Edited by: Glenn Møane
Colored by: Kevin Enhart
Price: $0.99

“I realized that outré has another meaning in this instance: unique, different, and utterly engaging.” – Fanboy Comics

50+ pages about hopelessness: 4 powerful stories & 3 terrific illustrations from the best new talent in comics. Plus unique interviews with Rachel Deering and Brett Uren.

Buy now on comiXology!


Stay creative!

Glenn & Magnus
Outré Press

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