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August 12, 2015

Outré #5 reviews + More issues at Comixology

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Things are happening more fast than ever here at Outré HQ. Last time we told you that you could buy Outré #3: Xenophobia at Comixology, the world’s biggest digital comics distributor. Since then both Outré #4 and 5 have been made available as well, which means that every issue of our anthology can now be experienced in Guided View for just a buck each.

So right now the editiorial team are sipping a little champagne while we’re going through some reading material. The latter consist primarily of reviews of our latest issue, Desire. Here’s what the critics had to say so far:

I think that Outré #5 is a great addition to the indie comic anthology with its unique twist on desire. Even the one story addressing my first thought on the theme pushed the envelope in ways I didn’t expect, which is wonderful. If you want something fresh, unique, and filled with lesser-known creators, definitely pick this up!
Jodi Scaife, Fanboy Comics.

Outré #5: Desire is an interesting anthology that features at least one story readers will be able to relate to. Although, it wouldn’t be surprising if there’s something in every story that’s relatable to everyone.
Jonathan Pilley,

Another great anthology that plays superbly on its wide-ranging themes of Desire.
Antony Esmond, Down the Tubes.

If you like smart storytelling than you will enjoy [Alena Lane and Glenn Matchett’s “What The Heart Wants”]. The other stories about desire are also very enjoyable, and I think reading them along with this story gives a good spectrum of ways to understand the concept of desire in general. A definite must read!
Jamie Rice,

So we’re feeling pretty good here tonight, patting ourselves on the back and devouring one bottle after the other. But you know what would make us feel even better? If you directed your friends and family to this very site and told about the five amazing issues that are available. For free.

Stay creative!

Magnus & Glenn
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