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What is Outré?

The Outré anthology is the brainchild of Norwegian comic book creators Magnus Aspli and Glenn Møane. Both fans of short stories, we started toying with the idea of launching an online anthology with a strong emphasis on quality and meaning.

With Outré we aim to deliver a thoughtful and unique product with superb quality in art and storytelling. To feature stories by hungry creators who have something to say.

Outré is published online two times a year. Available for free as a downloadable file from our website, and for a a sweet price on Comixology.

Each story in Outré, naturally, remains the property of the creators involved.

With strong focus on creating a consistent and thoughtful anthology, each issue of Outré is theme-oriented. The creators involved are presented with a theme which they can approach in any way they like. Genre, style and tone are all up to the creator(s), as long as the resulting story is about the current theme.

  • The first issue of Outré was about responsibility.
  • The second issue’s theme is hopelessness.
  • The third issue’s theme is xenophobia.
  • Our fourth issue’s theme is silence.
  • The fifth issue’s theme is desire.

Outré Press is a small Norwegian publisher dedicated to
creatives with a vision within the world of sequential art.

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Glenn Møane & Magnus Aspli